• Cashless Smartcard Terminals

     This twin display terminals will help to read contact less smartcards in a cash-less transaction environment. It shows the balance from the cards to both the customer and shop owner. It works without computers.

  • Contactless Smartcard Reader

    This works with computer and reads data and information stored in smartcards without any contact. It can be used where there is large number of reads during a small interval of time. It can also be used to store data securely to the card as and when necessary.

  • NFC Mobile Terminal

    This mobile terminal can be used by collection agents to recharge smart cards & NFC mobile phones from fields. This can serve as micro mobile ATM, for data collection and micro finance applications. These can also be used for meter reading, subscription collection etc.

  • NFC Reader

    This upcoming technology enables the use of your personal mobile phone as a transaction device to carry out purchases like bus ticket, cinema ticket etc. NFC mobile holds cash-less credit and can be transferred to anyone at anytime. Friends and colleagues can transfer credit from one phone to another instantly.

  • RFID Cards

    This card with its internal chip and antenna works without direct contact with its reader. It is used mainly for cash less transactions, time punching and access control. These are re-writable and can be read repeatedly.

  • Smart Labels

    This flexible labels can be placed inside paper or plastic sheets and can store data securely and it can be read using contact less readers. This may be the future of our currency notes, university certificates, passports and any authorised documents that require security and anti-counterfieting.

  • Smartcard Printer

    Customize and personalize your smartcard with in-house designs and graphics for uniqueness and easier identification. Cards that can be printed include ID cards, Smartcards & Plastic cards. Print and issue cards instantly from any applications.

  • Smartcard Reader

    A very low cost chip card reader and writer which can be used for applications like loyalty cards, health cards, UID cards and any such smartcard applications. Very simple, easy to operate and suitable for mass deployment in applications like  loyalty programs.

  • Smartcard Reader - Standalone

    This elegant looking smartcard reader can be integrated to any applications to read and write smartcards and also control external devices accordingly. For eg. it can be used with boom barriers, turnstile gates or information kiosks. It works as a standalone device and available with or without display.

  • Smartcards

    These chip cards can be used when there is a need to store more data securely. It can store relatively large amount of data like personal information, transaction details etc.  This can also be used as identity cards, cash cards and loyalty cards.