• Guard Tour Torch

    The RFID reader torch will read RFID tags kept in open or hidden areas in different parts of the guard tour area. While guards pass through this tagged site it gives a beep sound which indicates the reader detect in the tag and it stores the data with time punch, which can be analyzed later.

  • Handheld Data Terminal

    Managing and monitoring field workers and their works is a major headache for any organization. Altersoft offers solutions with handheld devices which operates in battery and comes integrated with printer, smartcard reader and GPRS connectivity.

  • Mobile applications

    The era of mobile phones and its increased computing power make it a productivity enhancement tool for field workers and sales agents for data collection. Altersoft provides mobile solutions for field data collection that can be integrated to CRM, ERP and similar softwares.

  • Mobile Bluetooth Printer

    It uses your mobile phone blue tooth connectivity to print receipt for mobile data collection in applications like Cable TV subscription, Micro finance, Micro ATMs, etc. As an essential piece of equipment for modern day sales and business executives, it simplifies order processing.

  • Mobile Smartcard Terminal

    Data collection from smart card can be automated with this portable battery operated device with USB connectivity. This device is the best choice for portable applications considering its durability and cost effectiveness.