• Active RFID Readers and Tags

    Active readers and tags are used where long distance (upto 100 mtrs) and all directional reading is required in applications like tracking of speeding buses and containers.  It can also be used in asset tracking, patient tracking etc.

  • EAS Gates and Tags

    The net profit of a retail business seriously is affected by shop-lifting. Electronic Article Surveillance gates will alarm when an RF tag passes through it. These low cost readers and tags can be used as an anti-shoplifting solution in retail shops, libraries etc.

  • GPS Tracking

    GPS devices used to determine the location information. It can be used to track a moving object and monitor its path with a suitable communication interfaced like GPRS; it can be effectively used in fleet management and logistics.

  • UHF Labels and Tags

    Various types of passive and active UHF tags and labels are available for virtually any application of automatic identification. Source tagging is the concept of embedding the chip and antenna in any product from the production itself and rewrite data during its life cycle.

  • UHF Readers

    This Ultra High Frequency RFID reader detects passive tags and labels from >12 meter distance and can be used in automatic toll collection, library, file movement  and asset tracking. Real-time monitoring of inventory and assets could be a real productivity enhancer.