• Collaborative Working Tools

    Altersoft customise open source software tools in order to increase overall enterprise productivity. These collaborative work tools like Google Docs, Mail servers, Joomla, Wordpress and CMS improves productivity and can be integrated with mobile phones.

  • iTag Time Track

    This is an RFID based vehicle entry and exit system for public transport.  It is very helpful in busstand automation, bus stop information systems, factory vehicle movement, vehicle queue management, parking management etc. City transport systems can effectively utilize this in bus time punching solutions.

  • Open-source CRM and ERP

    Altersoft provides installation, training and customisation of open source business solutions like CRM and ERP. Unlike proprietary software, open-source software projects are free to edit to suit our requirements without paying for the basic code.

  • Smart IP

    It is an effective solution for annoying troubles like long queue that we experience in hospital transactions.  With the help of smartcards, Smart IP enables cash less transactions inside hospital premises especially in cash counters, pharmacies, labs and canteens.

  • Turnkey ICT solutions

    We will analyze the IT and communication requirements of your organizations to design the most optimized tools and technologies which would enable you to attain maximum productivity.  With our turnkey solutions, expand your business horizon beyond geographical limitations.