• Boom Barrier

    A typical physical access control device to restrict movement of vehicles and other resources using smart cards (Eg: Toll collection) or using UHF tags (Eg: Apartments/Malls). Automated Boom Barriers detect vehicles and operate without  any manual intervention.

  • iButton Reader

    You may be familiar with iButton technology in petrol pumps. This steel button along with its contact reader from Dallas can be used to store information like time and attendance in any harsh conditions Construction sites, underwater environments and chemical factories are best suited to use it.

  • Motorized Card Reader

    Want to have a solution to issue tickets and cards without time limit and even on holidays and strikes? Motorized card readers help us to automate card collection, immediate recharge and card dispersal in kiosk based systems.

  • Touch Screen Kiosk

    Altersoft integrates toughened glass touch screen kiosks to collect payments, issue/recharge smartcards besides displaying information. It ensures 24X7 client interaction at places like retail outlets, hospitals, public parks and government offices.

  • Turnstile & Flap Barrier

    This device can be used to control entry and exit of people to buildings and public places. When integrated with smart card readers and ticket dispensing kiosk systems, automation without manual intervention can be achieved.