• BioSign IC

    This adds convenience of connecting Attendance Marking Machine to a computer without using wires. A local wireless connection along with optional battery backup makes this model ideal for factory usage where a gate punching is required and can avoid costly cabling.

  • GSM/GPRS Data Communication

    These standalone equipments are used to transfer fewer amounts of data in a very cost effective manner, using mobile networks. It can be integrated to data collection requirements like remote meter reading, data loggers, etc. and can also be employed to execute functions like ON/OFF irrigation pumps, traffic lights and street lights with time settings.


    Partnering with leading ISPs, Altersoft provides Managed Private Leased Network Services, International Private Leased Network Services, Data centre and server collocation services. Enterprises can now share their offices like a local network and save a lot in managing their business.

  • Unified Communication Interface

    Growing needs of enterprises and governments require integrated voice, video and data communication with its storage and management.  Altersoft provides WiFi, analogue, mobile and IPBX solutions which can be integrated with existing networks.

  • VSAT Satellite Broadband

    Anywhere Internet connectivity irrespective of geographical location. Direct connection between the satellite and client ensures a more reliable connection with less chances of breakdown for critical applications.

  • WiFi/WAN Solutions

    When you need wireless broadband services from one central point to another (P2P) or to multiple locations (P2MP), Altersoft offers WiFi access points and bridges from leading manufacturers. It connects two or more offices over a distance of more than 15 Kms without a wired network.